Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bad News/Good News

All of the grandchildren except Brady and Kaden. Photo taken 12/20/09.

My lapband surgery was orginally scheduled for 1/15/10. They called me on the 5th after my pre-op doctor's appointments and said they bumped it up to the 8th. At first, I was scared, then I got all excited. They called on the 6th and said the doctor had a family emergency and the surgery would have to be changed back to the 15th. So now I am disappointed and having "buyer's remorse." My insurance doesn't pay for any of this. It is costing me $11000. A girl at work made a good point. "Would you spend the money for Jim to be healthy?" I know we have already spent way more than that for Jim to be healthy with his 11 stints. So I am getting excited again.
The good news is that I am really sticking to my diet. ( They put you on a high protein diet 2 weeks before surgery.) At first I thought, okay an opportunity to eat and drink whatever I like this weekend. But I didn't! I haven't had any wine since last Sunday. I haven't even thought about wanting any, even when Jim drinks a glass. Yesterday while out shopping, I mentioned several restaurants to go to. When Jim asked if I really wanted to go, I said No. I came home and fixed barbeque pizza (which I know isn't diet food but it was my last hoo-ra) ate one piece and tracked my points. I am still putting my points into Weight Watchers Online because I personally think that people on high protein diets sometimes eat too many calories.
I am also trying to teach myself to eat things such as cottage cheese, cream cheese, etc. If you know me well, you know I can not stand the texture of mushy, creamy, gooey stuff. But post-op requires 1 week clear liquids, 2nd week solid liquids, 3rd week mush with no lumps, 4th week mush with lumps and the 5th week I can start trying other foods.
I am excited! I can't wait for next Friday to get here! Now I must go help Jim with the busted water pipe, since the back of the house is flooded. It is COLD in South Texas!

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Heather Plank said...

Oh Pam - don't feel bad about making this decision. It will be exciting when you feel better! It is a lot of money but like you said - how much would you spend to be healthier. And you know this will work, it's not a fad diet or whatever. So try and relax and stick to the plan! I know you can do it!