Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My 1st test.

Today is Alice's birthday, a girl I work with here in the office. She is doing WeightWatchers so we tried to make her a point friendly lunch. She asked to have corn beef and cabbage because her Mom always made that for her when she was young. I cooked the corn beef in my crock pot yesterday and chopped cabbage, onion, potato and carrots last night. They cooked all morning in the crock pot in my office. It smelled so good! When everyone sat down for lunch they had spinach and strawberry pecan salad, corned beef and cabbage and a sugar free pudding type dessert. I one the other hand had beef broth and a popsicle. It was so yummy. Everyone was jealous and wanted my lunch. hahahahahaha NOT!
It didn't bother me at all. I was perfectly happy. I took a slice of corned beef and a little bit of cabbage. I am going to vaccum seal them in my food saver and freeze until St. Patrick's Day. By then I will be able eat real food.
I just had to say I am very proud of myself and I am doing great! Besides Saturday I get to have a protien shake and milk. Life is good.

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