Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow! A great Valentine's Day!

What a wonderful weekend! My daughter had her 35th birthday on Sunday. We celebrated all weekend. My grandson was baptized on Sunday. It was so great, we all cried, including the Pastor. My Mother attended, as well as, Brady's "Uncle Bryan". I took Kaden and he was so happy for his brother even though he really didn't know what it meant. There were lots of friends there, also. Afterward, we all went to Olive Garden and I had to catch a plane shortly after. Now you may be wondering where the photos are. I left my camera in MS! Can you believe it? It is a good thing I have a few more, but I wanted to scrap all those pictures.
I do have a few photos of what has been going on here since the scraproom was flooded. Crocheting an afghan for the orphans in China. When Tobie and Tony go over to get Baby China, they need to take gifts for the other children. Tobie and I are both working on blankets. And I got my treadmill! I have been working on the length of time and miles more than the speed. Tonight I bought a workout for the Ifit by Jillian Michaels. She kick my behind in the first 5 minutes so I just turned her off and did my own thing. I do want to work up to being able to keep up with her, but I need to get used to walking first.
I have lost 21 lbs. Thursday will be my first adjustment. It should make the band tighter. Even though I am still doing WW, I am anxious to see if I can eat everything I am eating now. I will let you know.

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the weightloss! can't wait to habout your 1st adjustment! Good Luck:)