Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today is the BIG day! Picking up two of my Tally friends at the airport, eating at my son's restaurant and tomorrow heading to the TEXAS TALLY RALLY! I am so excited. I get to meet and scrap with 34 other ladies. Some I have never met IRL. Several of them have been published in magazines. I will post pics when I return sometime next week. There is going to be scrapping, drinking, eating barbeque and cornhole playing. FUN! FUN!


lizzie said...

it was so fun dude! sorry i didn't draw you the wine glass... my hands are really shakey with the meds i take and i can't draw like i use to and it sucks alot.
but it was fun fun fun!!!

mindakims said...

and now I can follow your blog too! I loved seeing your enthusiasm for meeting all those new friends. You are one classy lady Ms!