Monday, May 18, 2009

Birmingham AL

Getting up at 3am, leaving for the airport at 4:45am. It takes about 50 minutes to get there. Plane leaves at 6:45am. Arrive Bham at 11:30, class starts at noon. It is a training class for our new computer software. Hope I can stay awake. There are 3 of us going. We get home Friday night at 9:48pm. The "guy" in the group rented a Yaris. Does he have any idea how big my suitcase is? Okay it isn't huge, but it won't fit in a Yaris with 2 other bags and 3 people.

There was a second part to the last challenge of Survivor on Tallyscrapper this week. It was to be posted at random with no announcement. I looked for it all weekend and have gotten online today a million times to see if it was there. I am so sad. I can't do it now. I will be in Bham with no scrappy supplies the rest of the week. I am really bummed out. I like to finish what I start.:(

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Patti H said...

HOpe that suitcase fits. Have a good week Pam!! Don't sweat the challenge you will get it done.