Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Travel Trailer

We traded in Tha Trala Hizzy (2010 Jayco 28 ft) for a 2012 Cedar Creek 36 ft fifth wheel, in hopes of retiring one day. We picked it up on Thursday, after spending 4 hours signing papers and doing our walk-thru. I am crazy busy at work because we went live on a new software that no one knows how to use, so I was a little disgusted with the whole thing. Jim brought the new fifth wheel to the Coast (with our boss' truck, because it is so big our truck won't pull it.). He left it here and came back Thursday night.
He spent all day Friday loading a cargo trailer. You would laugh if you saw how much junk we had in our trailer. After another crazy, crazy day at work once people received their paychecks, or not! I had steroid shots in my neck. Jim took me and afterwards we headed to the house to get the cargo trailer. Well, you might know the lights on the trailer do not work so we start back into San Antonio to get a new plug. We get almost to the trailer place and the lights start working (rusty trailer ball wasn't making the connection). We head back down towards the Coast.
We arrive at 7:30pm! Our first night in our new place! Much to our surprise, NO ELECTRICITY! We have to go to Walmart because all our flashlights are packed in the cargo trailer and who knows where. I buy soup because I hadn't eaten all day, some cheese, maybe a size 3t zebra dress and we go to the camping department looking for flashlights. None to be found. We walk all over the store and finally go upfront where the only old lady is working and she tells us sporting goods. We go to the back of the store and walk all the aisles, finally go back to the camping aisle and there they are 2 ft away from where we turned around before.
Back at the trailer with flashlights and of course a mini pink one for my purse, so we will never have this problem again (or until I change purses). We can see all the switches and buttons to push or flip, everything is on, yet still no lights, great!
At this time I have got to eat or pass out. Jim plugs the extension cord in the 30 amp plug and I heat my soup in the electric skillet that I finally dug out of the cargo trailer. Guess what! No spoon or anything that resembled a spoon!
At 10pm we are sitting in our brand new trailer, windows open, eating cheese and drinking wine. How much better does it get than this?

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