Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kaitlin being baptized.

Jim and I.

Duece laying by the heater because it is cold.

The "before" photo of my messy scraproom. I am working on cleaning it. Just not ready to show an "after" photo yet.

I decided that I would try to blog every Sunday this year. We will see how long it last. hehehe

I am sort of doing Project 365 where you take a photo every day. I am not putting any pressure on myself, so if I get 4 out of 7, I am good. I am doing Project 12 at Tallyscrapper, so I will be doing a layout for each month. Which brings up the best news ever! Pinky aka Cristal Hobbs has taken over Tallyscrapper and we are back in the ballgame! I am so excited about this! Tally has always been the best scrapbooking store/forum that I have ever visited. I have done a layout everyday since I heard the news. Pinky gives me so much inspiration.

And we ended the week (I know Sunday is the beginning of the week but I do payroll so it is week ending to me.) with our granddaughter, Kaitlin, accepting Jesus Christ in her life, as her Savior! It was awesome! Although the heater was out on the baptistry, and she was FREEZING. The preacher said that he was telling Kaitlin how sorry he was that the water wasn't heated, then he stepped down in the water and his waders had a hole in them. He was freezing also. Jim's entire family was there. We all went to Bill Miller's BBQ to eat afterwards. Now, they live in the city where there are so many restaurants, why did we go to fast food BBQ? Sorry, a little gripe there, Bill Miller's is like McDonalds in bbq. It has its own unique taste.

Looking forward to next week and hoping it is as eventful in a good way as this past week has been!

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