Friday, September 25, 2009

Survivor at Tally

Survivor challenges are back at Tallyscrapper. These are so much fun! The challenge is posted on Thursday and you have until the following Wednesday to get your layout done. There is always a little catch in the challenge. This week it was to use something you would need to survive if you were in the middle of nowhere. I used twine and wire. Jim has had to survive in the middle of nowhere and he said to use wire. So, in the tradition of "Save the Fork" at Ciao2, I tried making a fork from wire. NO LAUGHING.

My bff, Kim was here from AR with her boss and a co-worker. We went to Ciao2 for dinner. They were very excited and pleased with Chef Patrick's food. These are the desserts he made for us.


{raisingAlexis} said...

YUM! I wanna go eat there too!

Heather Plank said...

The deserts look yummy! Did your son ever call you back tonight ;0)
After the game my hubby slammed the door to the office and wouldn't come out for about an hour. Big baby! Thanks for the call - loved talking to you tonight!